The sun is shining, summer is here, and it's time to kick off those restricting shoes and slip into some slides. But what are the hot slides colors this season? The summer fashion color trends have already hit the runways, and have inspired our slides colors. You can wear your trendy summer outfit with matching slides, or choose slides in a contrasting color. And of course, some slides' colors are classic and never go out of fashion. Then there are those trendsetters and colorful personalities who love to wear the most unusual slides patterns and colors they can find! And remember slides aren’t just for the beach, and they’re not even restricted to casual wear anymore. You can wear your summer slides with evening wear, or a bikini - anything goes this summer! So here is a list of top slides colors hot from the fashion runways, but also a few slides color trends that might surprise you! 

1. White Slides

Nothing says summer like white, it is a classic that never gets old. Pair your white slides with an all-white outfit for a stunning summer look. Whether you’re wearing white linen, silk, or cotton, white slides will complete the outfit. Wear your white slides and white outfit to the beach, shopping, for dinner, or to an outdoor event. In fact, white slides don’t have to match your outfit at all. You can wear them with any color to add light to your look. White is extremely flattering and in the summer sun, you will shine! And don’t worry about keeping those white slides clean. If you buy quality slides you can clean them easily with a wet wipe, or even soap and water.


2. Green Slides

Yes, this one might surprise you! Any shade of green slides will give you that outdoorsy summer look. And there is a huge range of green shades to choose from. In particular, lime green slides, mint green slides, and sage green slides are hot this summer. Let your green slides stand alone with a white outfit or go for a complete look blending shades of green through your clothing and slides. Or opt for green slides to complete a khaki look.

3. Pink Slides

Pink has made a splash on the 2022 spring/summer fashion runways, and it’s no surprise that pink slides are on this list. Even if you’re a guy, get a pair of gender-neutral pink slides to make a fashion statement. This season pink slides come in a range of shades from Barbie pink and dusk pink to hot pink, and flamingo pink slides. All those old rules about not mixing pink and red no longer apply. This summer pink slides and a red summer dress or shorts are the way to go.


4. Camel Slides

Camel Slides never go out of style, they are versatile and go with everything. No matter what other summer slides you have, always keep a pair of camel slides handy for times when you need neutral footwear, a classic look, or a slides color that can easily go from the beach to the nightclub. Camel slides give any outfit a touch of class, and they come in many shades from dark camel slides to very light camel shades. My favorite camel slides combo is with a natural linen outfit.

5. Yellow Slides

Shine like the sun with a pair of acid yellow slides. Find the perfect hue to suit your outfit, and don’t be afraid to mix yellow slides with a completely different colored outfit. Yellow was named one of the top fashion colors this season and in particular lemon-lime yellow. With the huge range of slides colors available, there is a yellow to suit everyone. And if you’re not quite ready to go all yellow, try a pair of sand-colored slides, mustard, or mikado! 


6. Dotty Slides

OK, I promised something off the charts, and this is it! Dots are taking summer by storm! Get a pair of slides covered in little dots of all colors. The range is simply mind-boggling! From retro dots on stone-colored slides to classic white dots on a navy background. There are even little stars instead of dots printed on neon yellow slides, little hearts on pink slides, and black splash prints on a green background  (two color trends in one). Go dotty this summer!


7. Animal Print Slides

Have some fun with animal print slides this summer. Remember when animal prints were just black and brown? Well, now the sky’s the limit. Among the choices are zebra red slides, feline stone slides, cobra pattern camel slides, wildcat choco slides, zebra print on acid green slides, animal print pink slides, and leopard print on camel slides. Animal prints are classic, but you’ve never seen anything like this summer’s colorful animal print slides. My advice, don’t play it safe this summer, take a walk on the wild side, and slip into some animal print slides. And don’t worry your animal print slides are also vegan-friendly.